Celebrating the International Volunteer Day

The volunteer day is traditionally marked every year on 5 December. It is the most important day for all volunteers in the world and this is the reason why local volunteers, together with volunteers from the region (participants of the volunteer exchange within the ‘Route WB6’ programme), decided to mark it with suitable activities at several locations.

The first activity was held in front of the ‘Novi Sad European Capital of Culture’ Foundation, where they were part of the symbolic number turning, which marks the days until the beginning of the year when Novi Sad will become the European Capital of Culture. Moreover, volunteers were welcomed on the premises of the Foundation, where they were introduced to its work.

After that, the volunteer groups visited the ‘Jovan Popović’ Primary School, where they planted friendship trees and presented the activities of the Novi Sad Volunteer Service to the students of the school. Symbolic medals were also awarded to students in order to mark the holiday, and also as an invitation to participate in the activities of the Novi Sad Voluntary Service.

The final activity of the event was the conference in the Liman Cultural Station, where the work of the NVS so far was presented among media, partner voluntary organisations and users of volunteer activities. Adriana Zala, the regional volunteer and Nikolina Trivunić, the local volunteer, gave inspiring speeches, shared their volunteer experience, and invited the present young visitors to join the future volunteer activities.

As a symbol of togetherness and maintenance of the connection between young users of volunteer activities, Bojana Kvrgović, assistant coordinator of NVS and Vojislav Prkosovački, coordinator of NVS, gave short thank-you speeches and awarded volunteers with symbolic prizes for all their previous efforts.

The volunteer day is part of regular activities of the ‘EDU NET’ project implemented by OPENS, with the support of the Regional Youth Cooperation Office ‘RYCO’.

Photo: Vladimir Veličković