EDU NET: Celebrating the International Volunteer Day

The conference that is part of regular activities of the ‘EDU NET’ project and is implemented by ‘OPENS’, will be organised on the occasion of the International Volunteer Day on 5 December.

The programme will start at 3 p.m., while the audience will have a chance to inform themselves about the work and activities of volunteers in the previous period and get acquainted with the programme for the exchange of volunteers ‘ROUTE WB6’.

Social engagement in organisations at different events and manifestations can significantly influence the development of a career, and most importantly, in this manner, volunteers support the whole community and common good, make new friends and promote peace, equality and solidarity.

Come and attend the promotion of the humane activity with us and remember that 5 December is not the only day when we should be thankful to volunteers. We should support them every day in each situation and think about how we, as individuals, can become part of this noble story.

See you!