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Celebrating the International Volunteer Day

The volunteer day is traditionally marked every year on 5 December. It is the most important day for all volunteers in the world and this...

Round Table in Liman CS: How to Become Independent and Find a Good Job

The round table ‘Policies, Measures and Activities Dedicated to Vulnerable Groups of Young People’ discussed the positioning of young people in the hard-to-employ categories, with...

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Voices that Travel Through Liman

The project entitled ‘My Voice Travels’, which comprises a series of music and dance workshops, was held in the Liman Cultural Station on 31 October....

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The Youth Centre Starts Operating in the Liman Cultural Station

The OPENS Youth Centre was symbolically opened on the International Youth Day, 12 August, at the Liman Cultural Station in the Creative District. The OPENS...

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The International Youth Day and Buč Kesidi – Opening of the Liman CS / OPENS Youth Centre

The Liman Cultural Station / OPENS Youth Centre will symbolically open its doors on 12 August, i.e., on the International Youth Day. The event will...

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OPENS Cultural Station Is a Good Example of Contemporary Architecture in Vojvodina

The OPENS Cultural Station was presented as a good example of contemporary architecture in Vojvodina at a guest exhibition in Ljubljana, which is part of a...


Doček 7529: Performance of Staša Kukić in the New Spaces for Culture in the Great Liman

Staša Kukić, a choreographer from Novi Sad, will present new spaces for culture in the Great Liman – Biro, Skladište and OPENS Cultural Station, as...

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Novi Sad holds the prestigious title of the European Capital of Culture and is one of the first cities outside the European Union to have won the title.

OPENS Cultural Station

Factories of wire, nails, iron constructions, art stone and others, among which was the famous Kramer Brothers, i.e. Petar Drapšin, with apartments for workers who lived and worked here, made this part of Liman preserve its authentic identity to this day.

The young workers who stayed here were the bearers of the new activism that was being created in the first decades of the last century. Progressive ideas arose from there and began a tradition that continues with a new cultural station.

At the end of the eighties, this area became a dilapidated part of the city, craftsmen moved into the factory barracks, and a little later, artists found suitable places for studios here. The idea of new cultural spaces for the work and stay of artists in Novi Sad naturally imposed itself. The OPENS Cultural Station is also the first facility of the future Creative District, a unique cultural district in this part of Europe.

Cultural Content Factory.

Symbol of industrial heritage of Novi Sad continues with production, but this time producing creative and cultural content.

Petőfi Sándor.
Hungarian Cultural Center.

Hungarian Cultural Center “Petefi Sándor” Novi Sad – Petőfi Sándor Magyar Művelődési Központ Újvidék was created with the aim of providing the people of Novi Sad with a place where they can gather for various events and programs. From quiz nights to various sections for young and old, we hold workshops led by excellent instructors. We try to satisfy the needs of all Novi Sad residents with our contents, and to attract all those who want to get to know our culture and customs.


Culture in one of the youngest villages in Vojvodina.

Place for Cultural Stories.

Former place of the first sports association in the region is now the meeting place – the place for dancing, literature, workshops and education.

Culture on

Mobile cultural station revives the neighbourhoods of Novi Sad. It brings various artistic and cultural content to the suburbs and parts of the city that are further away from the city centre.

Cultural Oasis Within City Reach.

Blend of the cultural heritage of the former Cultural Centre and contemporary processes in culture, ecology and sports represent the identity of this new cultural station.

Where Culture Grows.

The new cultural station belongs to the former working area, at the place of the former pasta factory, with the programmes designed for children.

Tradition and Modern Creation.

In the authentic Vojvodina suburb next to Novi Sad, there is the Rumenka Cultural Station which continues and improves the work done so far in the Rumenka Cultural Centre.

The Centre of Youth Creativity.

New place for culture which emerged from the legacy of industrial development of Novi Sad at the place of old factories and industrial zone of the city, the former Great Liman.


Creative district
21000 Novi Sad

Barka. (Uskoro)
Culture on the Outskirts of the City.

Located on the outskirts of the city, near Slana Bara, Vidovdansko naselje and Klisa, the Bukovac Cultural Station is the new place for culture in Novi Sad, and is becoming the new centre of events in the city.


KS Kovilj is located in an authentic Vojvodina environment, opposite the birthplace of Laza Kostić, who, in addition to the rich history and tradition, is the greatest pride of this village in the vicinity of Novi Sad.


Laze Kostića 113,


Work time:
non – fri
10.00 – 18.00