Voices that Travel Through Liman

The project entitled ‘My Voice Travels’, which comprises a series of music and dance workshops, was held in the Liman Cultural Station on 31 October. The workshops are part of preparation activities for the programme that will be implemented in the year when Novi Sad will bear the title of European Capital of Culture 2022.

The programme of the event included art activities such as singing, improvisation, music production, text writing, stage and dance movement. The highlight of the workshops will be four musical performances at different locations, while the plan is to record a music album with eight songs.

The project is of great importance for the local community since it connects Serbian and Roma cultures and helps participants to present themselves through music, dance and movement. Holders of the programme are the members of the Groove Dance association, while their goal is to involve as many young people as possible in cultural production of the city with a wish to create an environment freed from prejudice and stereotypes.

Photo: Vladimir Veličković