The International Youth Day and Buč Kesidi – Opening of the Liman CS / OPENS Youth Centre

The Liman Cultural Station / OPENS Youth Centre will symbolically open its doors on 12 August, i.e., on the International Youth Day.

The event will consist of two parts:

1. From 5 to 7 p.m. – Simulation of a workday in the OPENS Youth Centre: Representatives of youth organisations and cultural institutions will have an opportunity to present and implement their programmes.

2. From 8 p.m. to midnight – Music programme: concert of the duo Buč Kesidi for 1000 people (free entrance)

More information about the event is on the link.

The OPENS Youth Centre is the result of 20 years of ongoing teamwork and cooperation between young people, their initiatives and associations and the City of Novi Sad on bettering the position of young people, which was recognised and awarded the prestigious title of the European Youth Capital ‘Novi Sad 2019 – OPENS.’

The OPENS Youth Centre, coordinated by young people, is also the Liman Cultural Station, which is part of the network of cultural stations in Novi Sad, i.e., new and restored spaces for culture within the ‘Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture’ project. The building is around 950 square metres and is located in the Creative District, at the sight of Great Liman, the city’s former industrial zone.

Opening of the OPENS Youth Centre / Liman Cultural Station will symbolically happen on the International Youth Day on 12 August.

The goal of the opening is to meet institution and organisation representatives, civil society and the youth from the City of Novi Sad, with the space, content and service capacities offered by the OPENS Youth Centre / Liman Cultural Station.


Photo: Jelena Ivanović